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Werewolf social structure and culture was originally created through religious construct and need. From the earliest time they have regarded their creator as Mani, the God of the Moon and it was through his blessing that the men of Earth were able to look at the moon with the eyes of the wolves of whom they had grown kindred with. With Mani as their God, the eldest female wolves as time passed would become his Omega, the highest stance of power and respect in their society. Each Omega influences a specific territory and while her true power is limited by culture, she had the ability to offer influence and counseling in important decisions.

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Because of how wolf culture is; only the strong survive. Even in the modern era, from the largest to the smallest packs and clans will trim their ranks of those seen as a hindrance to the survivability of the pack. This is a necessity that formed once they found themselves in an extensive conflict with the church as the weak can lead to destruction of what the pack holds dear, unneeded deaths and mistakes.

The order of the pack inside of Shadow Lake is well defined with the Alpha being well known and the group of betas knowing their own pecking order beneath him. This also spreads down into the rest of the pack until you reach the meat of its population, which have very little organization or 'pecking order' aside from the small groups they tend to run in on their own.

The Alpha's mate is picked by the Omega and he has no choice in whether or not she is appointed into the position. The Omega's choice is typically to add a mate that strengthens the alpha's weaknesses. While betas do not have their mates chosen directly, they must be approved by the alpha before they can become more than lovers.

This is done to ensure stable pairs at the higher levels of the pack and extends downward into the rest of the pack as well. This approval needed beforehand for mates is done to keep rocky and uncertain pairings from gaining power inside of the clan. This does not stop them from growing close, or being intimate, it simply prevents them from obtaining a formal position as mated pairs are above those who remain single in pack culture.

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The wolves do take lovers quite often without becoming formal mates. These ties do not change their position inside of clan, but can run for years at a time. Some of these remain here instead of becoming mates for various reasons, which can range from a lack of formal commitment by one or both parties, or issues among themselves that keep them from being formal mates. Those who are not formal mates are forbidden from mating, which can only be done in their shifted form.

Their lovers are often human as well, being as disease and pregnancy is an impossibility between the two races. Doing such is often encouraged among younger males within werewolf society, even if the opposite is true of females, but neither are treated differently for their exploits with human lovers. It is of note, however that they do not condone the act of lover/mate jumping, meaning moving from person to person over a short period of time. Those who do have a tendency to disappear, as such tends to create weaknesses and adverse feelings and creates cracks in their structure.

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